Site is still under major renovation. ^^;; Especially with moving over to this new site. ^_^; I'm not going to have any galleries up that have not been renovated so there will be some links which are not active. Sorry about that!

Also, at this time I am open to offers on quite a few of my Dragon Ball cels which are not listed on the sales page - other series might be a bit harder to pry from my claws. ^_~ Don't even bother to ask about my YYH cels. None are for sale or trade. Sorry! .... I will try to give some kind of an indication as to my state of mind regarding the possibility of selling or trading cels on an individual basis as I update sections. However, I will be rescanning every cel and updating by series and/or character so it might take some time to accomplish that. So feel free to give it a try - worst that could happen is I say no right? ^_^;

Email offers to: [email protected] Also, I am NOT looking for any Dragon Ball cels except a non-SSJ Vejitto or *maybe* Taresu or Bardock.
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(Thiis includes original series, Z and GT) so please don't email me asking to trade for any of these. If you are interested in a cel, and want to trade, please check out my wishlist. It's in the middle of being redone, but it's still valid. I'm slowly adding screencaps to my wishlist.

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