Welcome to my cel gallery! My collection mostly focuses on YuuYuu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter and now Clamp Campus Detectives. As you can see, I also collect cels from numerous other series, but those three are my main passion when it comes to collecting.

I have placed prices on all of my Dragonball cels - I'm just not into collecting from this series any longer. My prices on them are firm, as I do love the ones I have left. I just made it easier on myself by placing these prices so that I don't have to answer "Will you sell this?!?!" :P

None of my cels are for sale other then the DBZ cels, unless they happen to have a price tag below them... which, at the moment - none have.

Please enjoy your visit!! ^_^

Update notice:


  • Added a page showing my coming soon cels again. ^_^;

Main Galleries


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Yuu Yuu Hakusho

May 03, 2002

151 cels


May 03, 2002

88 cels

Clamp Gakuen Tantei Dan
(Clamp Campus Detectives)

May 03, 2002

22 cels

Rumiko Takahashi works
(InuYasha & Ranma ¬Ĺ)

May 03, 2002

16 cels

Rurouni Kenshin

May 03, 2002

18 cels

Tenkuu no Escaflowne
(The Vision of Escaflowne)

January 30, 2002

11 cels

Gundam Wing

February 07, 2002

12 cels

Dragon Ball (Z and few GT)

February 28, 2002

52 cels/genga

Psychic Force

February 28, 2002

18 cels
Flame of Recca April 14, 2002 6 cels
Coming Soon May 26, 2002 65 cels ... o_O;

Miscellaneous Galleries
(Galleries which are smaller in size - but most are growing ^_-)

Big O

Brave Express: Might Gain
Cardcaptur Sakura April 14, 2002 ††††††2 cels††††††
City Hunter
Cosmic Fantasy
Dog of Flanders
Fushigi Yuugi April 14, 2002 3 cels
Gokudo May 03, 2002 1 cel
Level C
Marmalade Boy April 14, 2002 2 cels
Outlaw Star May 03, 2002 1 cel
Record of the Lodoss Wars (TV)
Sailor Moon April 14, 2002 2 cels
Tekkaman Blade
Tenshi ni Narumon April 14, 2002 2 cels
Unknown April 14, 2002 3 cels
Violinist of Hameln April 14, 2002 5 cels
Watership Down

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