So you want to know a little bit more about me, eh? Well.. lets see. Obviously I love anime - it's my first and foremost passion. Favorite anime - at least currently - would have to be Yuu Yuu Hakusho, followed by Escaflowne. I also really enjoy Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing and yes, I still love DBZ. I'm also a big fan of "furry art" - don't know what that is? Check out Fur Nation and FurBid sometime. Below are my "fur codes" for a couple of my different online characters.

Wyld or WyldWolf

A brief character description for her - well, she's a lot like me in many aspects. So she's not just an online persona, she's an alter ego of sorts. Anyway, she morphs between a WereWolf (most common form to find her in) to an anthropomorphic ("true" furry) wolf. A bit of history for this chracter: she was born to a lupine mother, and lived the first 2 years of her life as a "normal" wolf. When a group of hunters slaughtered the pack she ran with (except one other besides herself) the change overcame her, and she turned the tides on the hunters as she shifted to crinos for the very first time. She now runs with a Red Talon fringe group hell bent on restoring the Impurgium and culling the parasitic apes crawling over their beloved Gaia, ravaging the land and polluting her oceans. Unknown to her, her mind shattered upon witnessing the annihilation of her packmates and the Wyrm is slowly seeping into her soul, and is whispering dark things to her constantly. She teeters on the brink of sanity in times of extreme emotional stress and is more then likely going to fall victim to the Wyrms influence unless something is done soon. Unfortunately most of her pack is too focused on scourging the humans from their otherwise pristine environment. Her future does not look all too good.

Wyld/WyldWolf's Furry Code
FCWh2admw A+ C+ D H++ M++ P+ R++ T+++ W+ Z+ Sf++ RLGP a+ c++ d- e* f++++ h-- iwf++ j++ p+ sf#


Volcheka is a fairly new character creation. She's a youngish Bastet (specifically Pumonca tribe) or else a Puma anthro-morph. When I play her as a Bastet (werecat) she will never, under any circumstance, take human form. (By the way...Ever wonder where "Volcheka-ilani's Tahla" came from for my YYH section? Volcheka = wolf lover. Ilani means "wonder favored" and is also the term for a 4th ranked Bastet, and Tahla = a secret, usually disguised as a story or a riddle.) Anyway.. I have not had a chance to role play her a whole lot, and I've not created a name for her on any of the MUCKs or MUDs. She's just someone I roleplay from time to time. She's the other half of *my* personality. Wyld is the aggressive, dominant side that I've had for ages and ages. Volcheka is the newly emerging side I'm coming to terms with thats a bit softer and friendlier, though substantially more shy then Wyld ever has been, or ever could be - so she might appear to be standoffish, but in reality is not. She just takes a while to warm up to folks, and isn't one to just jump into a conversation - she'd rather sit back and listen quietly as she gets the "feel" of the room and its occupants. She adores hugs and cuddling with friends and is basically an overgrown kitten much of the time and she's very uninhibited. She also represents some aspects of myself that I've recently come to terms with in RL and have wholeheartedly embraced, but won't really discuss here. No offense, but some things are just best left unsaid. ^_~ (How's that for a tease? *chuckles) Since I haven't roleplayed her as much, I haven't written out much of her history so I'll have to leave that blank for now. So I'll just go on to her furry code instead. ^_^

Volcheka's Furry Code
FFMhp3am A+ C+ D H+++ M++ P++ R+ T+++ W+ Z+ Sf+++ RLGP a+ c++ d- e* f++++ h-- iwf++ j++ p+ sf#

*blinks* You're still reading? Wow. ;) Ok... What else? Hmm. I'm into Role Playing Games (obviously!!). Especially White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I can sometimes be found online at either Furry MUCK - name's WyldWolf there, or Tapestries MUCK - I am either Wyld or Grr-uunazh there. Also can be seen occasionally at the Lintilla Swedish based talker - I hang out at several different ports, it depends on my mood which I venture into. My handle is Wyld there. Lintilla's an interesting little place - something for just about everyone's tastes. Check out its home page if you haven't heard of it, and maybe log in and give it a try.

For some of the more "mundane" information, read below ;)

I'm currently working for the government - I'll leave it at that. ^-^ And yes, I actually do like my job. ;) It's pretty phsyically demanding and the hours are long but so far it's been pretty fun.

Likes: Furries!! Werewolves. Anime, of course. ;P Yaoi and shota fan for manga and doujinshi (*purrs*). Reading (sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction astronomy and virology). Drawing - anime to a lesser extent, furry art to a greater degree. MAA/BL. Hanging out on the furry talkers/MUCKS. MUD'ing

Dislikes: The fur industry. :P But on the other hand, I loathe PETA and the ASPCA. Go figure. Don't get me wrong, I support animal welfare, but PETA and ASPCA take things to the extreme and I don't like that. I don't like the Burned Furs organization either, although I think they've kind of fizzled out lately. People who think being meanspirited is fun. People who are two-faced.

Favorite author: Gah, too hard to choose. Stephen King - especially the Dark Tower series. Clive Barker for many reasons. Robert Jordan. Melanie Rawn. Carl Sagan. Stephen Hawking. Richard Adams.